Felony And Misdemeanor Crimes

In our court system, all people are said to be protected by a “presumption of innocence.” That simply means that an indictment, accusation or police arrest does not mean you are guilty. But this protection may seem fairly thin if you have been previously arrested and jailed. Furthermore, the presumption of innocence may seem more like a legal theory than a practical reality. Because of this unfortunate reality, it is imperative that you contact an expert criminal defense lawyer as soon as you are arrested or accused of committing either a misdemeanor or felony crime. Thankfully, the criminal defense lawyers at Wiggins Casto Barrow, PA, have over 25 years of experience in handling felony and misdemeanor crimes.

A misdemeanor crime is one for which the potential jail sentence is less than one year. Any crime that warrants a potential incarceration sentence of a year or more is categorized as a felony. A misdemeanor can include any number of low-level offenses, such as shoplifting, simple assault, petty theft, and battery. Felonies are much more serious crimes that often result in a much more severe sentence. Felonies in Georgia include manslaughter, murder, and aggravated assault. However, there are some crimes that can sway either way. In these cases especially, it is imperative to have a criminal defense lawyer who is trained and well-equipped to handle even the most convoluted of cases.

Wiggins Casto Barrow, PA, boasts some of the most highly trained criminal defense lawyers in Athens, Georgia.

We guarantee that we will aggressively and passionately fight for you or your loved one in order to achieve the best sentencing possible. We approach each individual case with a unique mindset in order to gain the strongest defense, and our attorneys’ decades of experience as criminal defense lawyers have honed our skills so that we may proficiently represent any felony and misdemeanor crimes that are presented to us.