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At Wiggins Casto Barrow, PA, we’ve provided individuals around Watkinsville, Georgia, with thorough, successful criminal defense against a wide range of both state and federal charges. With over 25 years of experience, our attorneys understand what these charges can do today and in the future.

When you’re up against steep fines, significant jail time, lasting damage to your reputation and harm to your family and reputation, let us help.

Here For You When You Need Someone By Your Side

A criminal charge can make you feel alone and isolated, like no one is on your side. But we’re committed to making sure your rights are protected during each stage of the process.

We Listen. We Find Solutions.

The criminal justice system is complicated, and all too often, those charged do not get to tell their side of the story without interruption or manipulation. At Wiggins Casto Barrow, PA, we start by listening. Our first goal is to truly understand you and your situation.

Our team will never let you feel like just another case file. Your life is on the line. Whether you are facing a DUI charge, drug charge or other serious criminal offense, we have the experience and knowledge to work toward the best solution for you.

Navigating A Federal Drug Charge

Federal drug charges should always be taking seriously. A charge like this can result in decades of prison time and expensive fines.

The penalties involved depend on the type and quantity you’re arrested for, but a first offense can result in prison time of as much as 20 years and as much as $1 million in fines. Even minimum sentences can top out at five years of incarceration and fines of $250,000.

Not all attorneys are equipped to take on a case involving the federal court system, but we’ve spent years practicing and representing clients facing many different federal charges.

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